Data Source Migration/Archival

Data access on an HP 3000 is unique and proprietary. The database is typically TurboIMAGE and is accessed using TuboIMAGE intrinsics, collectively  called the TurboIMAGE API. Other proprietary file types are KSAM, MPE Message Files, MPE Circular files and MPE flat files.  Programs and utilities using MPE-based data expect to be in an environment that offers labeled files and file equations.

Transformix’s xformix tools allow TurboIMAGE data, KSAM files and MPE Message files to be stored in the leading industry standard RDBMS’s.  These include Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and Postgresql. Other file types are stored in the native file system of the platform. Programs that access the data in the RDBMS can either use the MPE intrinsics or native SQL for access.

At the time of migration, data types can be converted to RDBMS data types. The most popular change being the use of the native date type. However, even though dates can be changed from a COBOL X(6) to an RDBMS date type, the existing MPE/iX programs do not need to be changed.  They can still refer to the data as an X(6).

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    –  RAC
  • Message Files to Message Queuing