Application Migration


Having once experienced platform obsolesce, HP 3000 MPE/iX users seek to create an IT environment that is not inherently bound to specific operating systems, database products or hardware platforms.  Also desirable are platforms that offer reduced maintenance costs, support for new business requirements, mitigated risk, and that can consolidate IT systems or enable them to be more agile in supporting the business going forward. The Transformix Software HP 3000 solution suite offers the most cost-effective, efficient and complete solution for migrating and modernizing MPE/iX applications to enable customers to achieve those strategic goals.

The Sungard Bi-tech Transport environment is a fully-functional, native, runtime and development environment for execution of HP 3000 MPE/iX applications. Transport manages application resources such as programs, files, queues, transactions, screens, and printers and provides a robust execution environment for business applications. Transport also provides a complete environment for execution and management of batch workloads on open system servers. Concepts such as job management and priorities are also supported.

The product features a complete suite of language translators, utilities, database support and operating system services that allow application programs developed for MPE/IX to be migrated at the source code level, recompiled, and executed under Open Systems. Transformix Transport supports migration of MPE/iX third generation and 4GL programming languages code to the Windows, UNIX or Linux platforms. Transformix Transport supports the Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and PostrgreSQL databases.  Programming languages migrated include COBOL, PASCAL, SPL, BASIC, FORTRAN and C.  Fourth generation languages migrated include Speedware, Transact and BRW. JCL embedded languages include DataNOW, Suprtool and MPE/X.

Transformix HP 3000 MPE/iX – Legacy Migration

Migrate MPE/iX Applications quickly and cost effectively to Windows, UNIX or Linux. Modernize and Integrate using Transformix MPE/IX software and services from Transformix Software. Products from Transformix Software are the leading Legacy migration and modernization tools for the IBM Midrange and MPE/iX markets. Sungard Bi-tech Transport has been in continuous use since 1988 in hundreds of companies and organizations worldwide.

MPE/iX applications run core business enterprises worldwide and represent tremendous intellectual capital built over time. While these assets and the platform they run on have proven responsive to traditional international business needs, the web, newer database products and the need for usable Service Oriented Architecture technology have created a new set of expectations for access and use of these applications.

By deploying Transformix Transport, COBOL, VPLUS, JCL and MPE/iX based applications can be offered on Windows, UNIX or Linux that combine the maturity of robust, tried and tested applications with the economy and power of 21st century technologies.

What Is It?

Transformix Transport is a suite of language translators, utilities and operating system services that allow applications programs (developed under COBOL for the MPE/iX environment) to be migrated at the source code level, recompiled and executed on the target platform. Transformix Transport is integrated with Transformix web and Transformix BI. The combined suite of programs, utilities and operating environment provide a very complete Legacy Migration and Modernization solution.

A Better Alternative Than Rewriting.

Transformix Transport is the solution of choice for IBM MPE/iX system developers who want to protect their investment in IBM MPE/iX applications and resources. . Financially, operationally and strategically the benefits are immediate. Migrating with Transformix Transport is an attractive alternative to the cost of major time delays associated with rewriting Legacy applications.

Transformix Transport is the easiest to use, fastest to deploy and most cost effective method of migrating and modernizing MPE/iX applications to UNIX, Linux or Windows. Transformix Transport provides the ability to reduce the number of platforms to be supported while protecting the investment in the Legacy code as well as the current support and development staff.

Transformix Transport generates truly native multi-platform solutions and will enable software developers to migrate their COBOL applications in far less time than redeveloping. In addition, it is possible to continue development on the MPE/iX and/or migrated platform. Existing support infrastructure and documentation can be used for both platforms.

The migration risk is far less because the existing resource remains unaltered, current skills can maintain and support the application and the application code runs in a replicated environment.

This change will cause a minimum level of disruption in the day-to-day operation of the business. 

  • Linux and Windows mixture
  • Linux or UNIX only
  • Windows
  • Web access to data
  • VPLUS Migration
  • GUI