Comprehensive Services Offerings

Providing products without services offerings to insure a successful project simply isn’t enough.  Transformix has built a consulting practice since 1998 delivering many successful legacy migrations.  We have specialists in all phases of the migration and modernization process.

Our solutions include an initial analysis of the current environment and recommendations to help you achieve your objectives. In addition to project planning and implementation, we offer comprehensive training on our Transformix toolset and maintenance programs to meet your business needs. 

Transformix realizes the importance of moving an application forward technologically when migrating from a HP 3000 environment.  Although it was an advanced platform for its time, the HP 3000 and MPE were a product of their times and made use of the level of technology available during that era.  This means that, for the most part, HP 3000 MPE applications were designed in the time of dumb terminals, non-relational databases and mostly non-networked computers with limited interoperability between systems. Most HP 3000 applications were already in production when the web was invented.

In order to meet current organizational needs, modern applications must allow features that were not possible in the time most HP 3000 applications were designed and implemented. Data will usually be stored in a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), the system will likely run on multiple servers that interoperate, there will likely need to be web and/or client server access to applications and data, more often than not virtualization will be used in the data center and new programming languages and products such as JAVA, Ruby, Python, PHP, etc. will be used alongside of more legacy languages such as COBOL.

Whether migrating applications or simply migrating data from the HP 3000 environment the Transformix approach to migrations and professional services starts with a like for like migration to a more technologically receptive target environment.

The application is moved forward technologically because once hosted in a more technologically hospitable environment its possibilities for change and/or enhancement are to a large extent on par with other applications originally built for that environment.

Here are a few examples to illustrate the point:

  • Data Source Migration and/or Archival
    • IMAGE to RDBMS
        –  Regular
        –  RAC
    • KSAM to RDBMS
    • Message Files to Message Queuing
  • Application Migration
    • Linux and Windows mixture
    • Linux or UNIX only
    • Windows
    • Web access to data
    • VPLUS Migration
    • GUI
  • Programming Language Modernization
    • SuprtoolSQL
    • BRW
    • DataNOW
    • BASIC to C
    • SPL to C
    • PASCAL to C
  • COBOL Related Services
    • COBOL to COBOL
    • COBOL to JAVA
    • OpenCOBOL MPE Enhancements
  • Networking and Interoperability
    • UNIX to Windows integration
    • Linux to Windows integration
    • HP 3000 MPE to UNIX integration
    • HP 3000 MPE to Windows integration
  • User Interface enhancement
    • Web enablement
    • Web access to data
    • Web access to applications