Even though COBOL exists on potential target platforms such as Windows, UNIX and Linux such products do not offer HP 3000 COBOL II compatibility. With either Fujitsu COBOL or Micro Focus for example, the HP COBOL II application source code would typically require changes to make it compatible with  dialect available with those products. 

Another consideration is whether or not there are compatible functionalities between MPE and the MPE replacement product such as HP’s KSAM, TurboIMAGE, job scheduling and security.  Most issues are not major challenges.  When these little required changes are taken collectively, they can represent a significant amount of work and expense.

In some cases, such JCL and batch jobs changes can be some of the most significant challenges in the overall scope of the migration effort.  Another example could be the use of a scripting tool such as Suprtool in an organization.  The effort required to rewrite and replace sources in that language could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in even a medium sized company. 

Transformix has a number of products that are meant to reduce the effort associated with migrating artifacts originally created to run on the HP 3000 that must be migrated to other platforms.