Future Proofing Legacy Applications

Convert Legacy Applications into Future Proof Applications with the CUBA-Platform 

Frameworks and Meta Programming – Part 1

PostgreSQL and REST API’s The Easy Way

PostgreSQL and REST APIs The Easy Way Slides

PostgreSQL and REST APIs The Easy Way References and Supporting Materials

Transformix CUBA-platform Integration

PostgreSQL, REST API’s and Rapid Application Development for Legacy Data (Charles Finley)

Transformix Axelor Integration: Hotel/3000 Case Study

Modernizing a 35 Year Old ERP Application to Cloud and Mobile with PostgreSQL

TransformixTools Axelor Demo Project

Scale 15X – PostgreSQL as a Modernization Cornerstone: Case Study

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Application Metamorphosis

Application Metamorphosis Presentation

PGConf 2016 PostgreSQL As a Legacy Modernization Cornerstone

Application Metamorphosis Whitepaper

Application Metamorphosis Whitepaper


ModernizationInPlace™  Approach Overview

ModernizationInPlace Approach Overview

PaaS ModernizationInPlace™

PaaS ModernizationInPlace


Modernization and Migration